My Online Gallery of Taiwan Travel

This morning, while I was reading blogs on Bloglines, I found this (zh-CN). The author said that his 23 people (now 23) account had been upgraded automatically to a PLUS account. This means that there’s no limitation in uploading photos. I was a little excited, go onto 23 and login to see if there’s any change with my account. It’s so amazing that mine also became a plus account.

I was so happy because I have been so worried that I have no place to put all my photos taken in the around-Taiwan trip. Even I’d had tried to sign up many Yahoo account and used the 20MB/month-upload-limt Flickr service. I immediately packed the photos into zip files (if I tried to upload them one by one, I’ll be exhausted before finishing that. XD), and uploaded them. But as the article above said, 23 didn’t offer a convenient tool for users. (I like the Windows Publisher of Flickr most.) Hope they’ll offer one before long.

O.K., here is a list of my albums. They are separated into 14, because totally I spent 14 days. But the titles and descriptions of albums and photos will be in Chinese. BTW, I wrote diaries, but they are still in Chinese. :p


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