YM Med’s New Learning Progress System

On June 14, I received a email from the faculty office about their recently-bought system for student’s learning progress, and I tried it immediately. There was no amazing function, but I was a little bored that why the decision-making people always buy something not very useful (and sometimes fucking IE-only) for the students, and they always cost a lot!!

After I posted the news in my personal board, my classmate commented that the system shows our past personal grades and the order in the class. I connected to the system again and found my grade report. It seemed that I should not see that before the final exam. >_< It was a little bas news for me that my grades are not good as I think.

Yesterday, my roommate found his grades report and was a little sad about that. He said he studied as hard as he could in the past, but he didn’t get the appropriate repay. For me, he did well enough. There are too many talented people in our faculty, and they also study hard. Maybe we haven’t been acustomed to falling in grades, because we are always in the top population in the past. This is the normal environment in the faculty of medicine.

Because I were not him, I could not know what reason he is so sad for. Maybe there are differences between the goals we set for ourself. What I can do is to study harder and harder in the future. The most important is what I have really learned, not what grade I get.

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