Repairing Kilo’s Laptop

Last night, Bau-Ru complained about her broken laptop. She said that bother her so much that she couldn’t do anything and finish her presentation about neural examination. So, I took her laptop back to my place this afternoon when I am spare just after my broken nephrology exam.

I want to install the Super XP 7.1 instead of Windows Me originally installed, but I didn’t have a bootable CD-ROM and it took me so much to find one. Luckily, My senior high school classmate, Tz-Yi Yen, studying in Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, National Chiao-Tung University, supported me his one.

Now it’s being installed and I can take use of the free time to blog something. ^^a After that, there are many softwares need to be installed. How many they are? They won’t exceed those in my own desktop system. :p

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