I fought with Kilo this morning over some trifling matters. She cared about my attitude to her, and I focused on her studying attitude about computers. We quarreled very much so that she didn’t want to answer my phone call for several times. I’d just like to talk to her and hope we shall go to a compromise, but I didn’t success until 1 P.M..

She asked me for not shouting at her from today, and she said that was the most important reason she got so angry. I think I should be more patient with anything not as I considered. If I continuously do myself and don’t think about what others feel, I’ll lose my lovely girlfriend and many friends. This event is almost because of my poor self-cultivation. She is right. I needn’t to be so angry with things not as my wishes.

Kilo, I’m so sorry for my crude manners. Please forgive me, and I love you.

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