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Untold Scandal (스캔들)

The Scandal Poster 1 The Scandal Poster 2

I saw the movie (the official site is here.) this morning. One sentence to describe it is, a PORNOGRAPHY FILM. But it doesn’t mean that it’s nonsense. There still are many things about love for us to think. I was just stunned by the Korean’s open culture. Keep Reading

Harry Potter 4: Novel vs. Movie

I eventually had read through Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (ISBN: 0747550999) a few days ago, (Hu… it took me about half of the winter vacation…), and on the same day, I also saw the movie. I remembered the story so clearly when I was seeing the movie. Although it may be a bit boring if I saw the movie just after reading through the novel, I can obviously find the deficiency in the movie. Keep Reading


唔… 本來是在豬頭紀公園的某個板裡看到的, 覺得有點詭異, 說不定是開玩笑的新聞, 結果 Google 了一下, 還真有這麼回事… 這裡有一篇報導, 看它描述, 都想看了… XD 我一定會用「最不色情的眼光」來看這部片的… :p