What A Happy Birthday

A day has passed. I didn’t make any note on my birthday. I was on duty yesterday, but I still had a nice dinner with friends, and still prepared a small cake for myself to celebrate on my own. The day had passed as a usual one.

It’s really one year had passed. It seemed I grew from a medical student up to an intern working in the hospital all the day. I has contacted with a lot of people, including the patients, their families, multiple sorts of VS, and interns from other schools. My medical knowledge is accumulating gradually, and I also realize the truth about the medical affairs step by step. I still didn’t know whether a doctor is a suitable occasion for me or not. But as time goes by, it seems the choices for me are getting less and less. Working hard, being patient to people, and pulling myself back when I was too close to the edge are the only way to be alive in the hospital, and the whole environment.

I also traveled a lot. Although I almost did without companies, it seemed I enjoyed in going around the beautiful scenes. A new interest developed in the year, taking pictures. It helped me to freeze many happy moments, especially during traveling. I am still the one who always couldn’t hold his desires, breaking the original plan, and bought a far-above-my-economic-ability camera.

Due to some interesting reasons, there were explosive amount of intern coming to VGHTC last year. It’s really a good thing that we could share the loading, and most importantly, we could make a lot of friends coming from different schools and exchange the information about other environment.

In a short time, I couldn’t describe all the changes in detail. It’s a little bit much.

In the busy recent days, a happy-birthday greeting E-mail from an old friend recalled me a lot of things, which made me temporarily get off from Suen-Chi Military Strategy and wrote this previously should-not-appear post.

What a happy birthday?! I wish it is…


  • 2008/01/28

    “pulling myself back when I was too close to the edge”
    just curious, what kind of edge?

    BTW, thanks for the ride

    • tsaiid


      You’re welcome.

      The edge might be some kind of line or restriction I don’t want to or even fear to cross or break. I know it sounds a little abstract… ^^a


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