Relegation Courses

Now, we are coordinating about our relegation courses. My serial numbers are 42, 19, 35, and 91. Lucky, isn't it? I even didn't decide which hospitals I will choose until last night. But I didn't care about it very much, because the hospitals I't like to are not all popular.

People go around and talk loudly. It seems that there is no orders. It's messed up, and the duration one chose his course was gradually prolonged. Since I filled my first course, one and half hours had passed, and the second turn doesn't start. People all know about this situation. All they have their ways to kill the time. I brought my laptop, earphone, a book, and turned the music on, trying to keep myself away from the noisy environment.

I cannot predict how long does it need to be finished. Maybe I will be bored so much and post many nonsense posts like this. :p

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