Relegation Courses: Result

The results came out at about 3 PM. I was very lucky that I got all the places I'd like to. They are:

  1. Mackay Memorial Hospital, Pediatric Department:
    Previously I'd like to have 2-week Pediatrics and 2-week OBGYN, but the course of each department need to be one month. I chose Pediatrics maybe because I thought the posibility of being a pediatrist is less than being an OBGYN. (But it is not very high, either. :p ) Therefore, this may be my last chance to approach the children. The other reason I chose Mackay was because the good teaching and friendly environment to the interns.
  2. Chia-yi Christian Hospital, Family Medicine Department and Ophthalmic Department:
    The reason I chose it was because there were few options in the mid Taiwan. Besides Chang-hua Christian Hospital, there were only CYCH and Hsin Chu General Hospital left. Previously, I liked HCH more because my unfamiliarity of Hsin Chu, but the salary is less than half. Oh… I'm such a miser. But I didn't know Chia-yi very much though. Maybe I can go the Ali Mountain again when I am there. :p
  3. Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Kaohsiung, Dermatology Department and ENT Department:
    The Dermatology Department of Kaohsiung CGMH was famous for me. I had heard that their researchs were very good. If one would like to apply as a resident, he seems to get a PhD first. (This may be a little exaggerated, I think.) ENT is another independent department I may not run in VGHTC. There's nothing special I chose it.
  4. Buddhist Tzu Chi General Hospital, Emergency Department:
    Tzu Chi is belong to NTUH system, which we weren't familiar. I'd like to know the way NTUH people do things, but I don't want to go to NTUH. The other reason was I'd like to go around Hua Lian, which is a beautiful place. (The east parts of Taiwan are all beautiful.) The teaching of ED in all the VGH system is notorious, so I don't want to have it in VGHTC.

There are only four months we can have relegation. I chose four hospitals in north, mid, south, and east Taiwan. I wish I can realize more about the difference among the medical situations of each part of Taiwan. We boys have the obligation of military service. Therefore we don't need to concern very much about the application in the future. I have some vagrant characters. Wish this could be another start of my life.

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