A Lesson From PageOne

Original Author: Fishbowl@Flickr.
License: CC-by-nc-nd 2.0.

I went to Computex Taipei 2006 with rin1999 today, and before we went back to school, we went to PageOne and Eslite bookstores. I bought 3 books at PageOne, two are in Simplified Chinese, and the other is Harry Potter 6. The price of Harry Potter is 439 NTD, and the original price is 7.99 GBP. Because the currency conversion is favorable for me, I picked it up. But when I found the price at Eslite is 100+ NTD lower, I was about to be crazy. Why did I not check the price on the internet first? The excess money could bring me a delicious meal. Originally, I'd like to go back and exchange it with another book, but I was too tired to walk back. Fine, it did give me a lesson.

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