Health Examination

This afternoon, I had a health examination for the upcoming Clerk training. The whole process went smoothly, checking my height, weight, optometric assessment, and the blood pressure. My blood pressure seems not very well, 128/78, a little bit high. The heart rate is also a little high. Maybe it means I have to start exercising from now on, if I don't want to have cardiovascular diseases when I get older.

Then, I was asked to have my urine sample. Fortunately I didn't go to the toilet before the examination. It seemed that there were so many people did not have any desire to micturate and drank a lot of water outside the toilet. XD

After giving back the urine sample, I was asked to have a venous puncture. I've had few experience of venous puncturing. Every time I see a needle I feel scared. T_T

The interesting part is taking a chest X-ray. Because of the digital technology, I could see the result right after taking the picture. But I was a little stunned when seeing my CXR, I didn't know how to approach it. How can a 5-grade medical student be unable to interpret a ought-to-be normal CXR!! The technician and I discussed for a while and he pointed out some lesions (?) to me, one calcification in the left lower lung field and the other in the right lower lung field. And also, I have scoliosis.

Wow… I haven't ever expected that I have scoliosis. It was too astonishing. But my roommate said that there are too many things in the world out of your expectation. Hmm… Since it doesn't cause any symptom, all I can do is to accept it. =.=a

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