Hospital-choosing Conference


Last Sat., we had held the Hospital-choosing Conference, the most important one for us. Firstly, we had order numbers produced by the computer program by saka, followed by drawing lots in turn.

I had a computer random number of 78. When my turn was coming, I felt a little nervous and could feel the palpitation, the same as the night before the Exam five years ago. In my turn, when I drew the lot from the box, there's nothing in my mind. I forgot to pray for blessing, but the God still blessed me that I got No. 28.

There would be one fourth of us that couldn't choose the hospital unrestrictedly. Besides those already decided to go to VGHKS, the safe margin was about 90 – 95. It was to say that I could choose where I'd like to go. It was really a relaxation for me to know that.

But some of my classmates were not as lucky as I was, especially Paichi. I could feel her sadness at the moment she drew up the lot. She and her boyfriend hjround are quite nice guys, but why they had bad luck at such an important moment? After signing down my choice, I was thinking about this all the time. Hope they can have a good result finally.

In Sat. evening, I also heard something about the follow-up of the conference. They were all bad news. I felt contempt for their actions. But they made me realize again that a university is alike a tiny society. People would do or get what they want by hook or by crook. If the rule was once set by all, people who broke this would be the public enemy for us.

Although the follow-up may not be my matter, I still hope sincerely the class won't be split up after this event.


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