Go to KTV With YMChmusic

Copyrighted by Yun-Yi Lin (cloudyday)

A few days ago, YMChmusic went to KTV after the first meeting of this semester. If I were the man one or two years ago, I wouldn’t go with them. Because I didn’t like to go out with a lot of people. But, maybe this is the last time I could go playing with them, I changed my mind.

Kilo didn’t want to lost the chance either, so I took her first and went to Holiday to join with the others. There were totally about 20 people in the room. (A little crowded. :p) And first of all, we ordered some famous (for them) songs that everybody could sing together and we wouldn’t waste the time. But it seemed that we ordered too much at first that the songs we really wanted to sing came out too late.

Although the songs they ordered were new for me, I still tried to catch the rhythm. (The popular songs are all alike and have a model. ^^a)

The most active people include cloudyday (until that time, I knew he had listened to so many songs.), lovepig (his voice is characteristic.), agnesM (until that time, I knew she likes singing and sings very well.), and rin1999 (she’s an expert in making the atmosphere cordial.) They sang almost every songs. XD

Because Kilo had to go home earlier, I took her home and came back a while later. Since then, the songs I ordered came out. Kentu and I sang some together, and cloudyday and I sang the others. We became very high and I felt very happy that I can sing with them.

This may indeed be the last time I go out with YMChmusic in my collage period, if I have my intern training in VGHTC. I should treasure every experience with them more and more.

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