Get Tickets From Hi-Life


I decided to listen to a concert and ordered the tickets on the internet. There are many methods to get the tickets, including going to the wicket directly, sent by mail (but I have to pay the postage.), and the most convenient, getting from Hi-Life.

I went to the Hi-Life in VGHTPE at first, but unfortunately, the ticket machine seemed broken. (using M$'s sucking system…) So I went to another near the Holiday in Shipai.

The machine is user-friendly. I just pressed several keys and then got the tickets from the counter. The worst thing I thought was I had to enter my credit card's numbers. But I didn't feel satisfied with the quality of the tickets. The paper they use is some kind like the one a fax uses. The printing ink seems not having quality, hence the tickets seem unworthy of collecting.

Although it’s very convenient to get tickets from Hi-Life, I don't think I'll use the service in the future, because the quality of the ticket is more important, isn't it?

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