Public Hot Spring For First Time

Author: Holy@Flickr. CC-by-nc-nd

Last night, I went to a public hot spring for first time. A public hot spring means that one COULDN’T wear anything while he’s in the pool. Of course that boys and girls are separated. :p But this is not my first time ENTERING a public hot spring. I had seen somebody naked enjoying the hot spring when I went climbing Mount Ba-tong-guan, but that time, I still wore a swimming suit.

I rode on my motorcycle to Beitou and found quickly the Public Bathroom of Beitou Hot Spring, which my roommate recommended. The ticket price is 50 NTD.

Before I entered, there were about 10 people in it. Of course, I didn’t know them. So, I acted as not a new hand as I can, took off my clothes quickly, and jumped into the pool. There are two pools in the bathroom. One is hotter and the other is colder. But when I was ready, there’s only one available because some people were cleaning the other.

I didn’t feel any embarrassed when I was taking off my clothes or in the bathroom. As someone said, ‘There’s nothing worthy of being amazed, because everyone has it.‘ Exactly, everyone’s looked alike. XD

I dipped myself into the pool firstly, and when I felt too hot, went back to have a cold shower. I kept thinking when I was in, but all the images in my mind were monkeys in the water with their heads outside and look at each other. XD

The process proceeded three times, and after that, I felt a little dizziness and sat at the pool for a rest. After I felt better and had a simple shower, I put on my clothes and went home. Time passed about 1 hour while I was in there.

It’s still a special experience for me to be naked in front of others, but it’s not bad. Maybe I can try it more times in the future, and then I’ll enjoy the feeling of freedom, relax and feel comfortable just as my roommate.



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