Offense Against Tai-suei (犯太歲)



This year is Chinese ‘Dog’ Year. I’m of dog, which means I was born 24 years ago. (There are 12 years in a cycle.) We have a custom that who was born in the year which he’s belong to is called he violates Tai-suei, and he or his parent has to go to the temple and prey for safety and health.

My mom did it for me and brought something back to me. That’s a card of preying safety. I hadn’t seen this before and was amazed by the modernization of the temple. In the past, the temple offered people a small bag containing some ash which will bless you. So, with this card, I don’t want to complain or criticize them, but I can see the evolution a religion has.

P.S. Here is the official site of the temple.

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