Pathetique Sonata

After Grand Round final exam yesterday, I took my violin and went to the club office. I have dreamed to play the violin crazily after the exam for a long time. I played Bach‘s Violin Partita No. 2 (BMV 1004) – Ciaccona. After several days practice, I gradually thought I can have a better performance someday, although it is still too difficult for me now.

I also played Bach‘s Cello Sonata No.1 (BMW 1007) – Courante. I think that movement is the second easiest movement, a little harder than Prelude. (Here is the podcast of the Prelude I performed before.) But I didn’t practice cello too long. The strings of the cello are more difficult be pressed than the violin’s. My fingers got tired easily. :p

Then, I found the score of Beethoven‘s piano sonata in the club office, turned to the page of the 2nd movement of Pathetique Sonata, and tried to play it. The melody is so charming. Although I couldn’t play it smoothly and delicately, I was still fascinated with it. Even in the next activity of the Chinese Music club, my ears still filled with the melody.

After went back to my dorm, I listened to the record of Pathetique Sonata and dreamed if someday I can perform it. But the sequela was that I got insomnia last night. >_<

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