Chinese New Year’s Eve

Spring Festival Couplets
Spring Festival Couplets; From: 飛翔的美夢: blog玩春聯..

Tonight is Chinese New Year‘s Eve, one of the most important holidays for Chinese. Families get reunion from where they work or study, enjoy the New Year Eve’s Feast (reunion dinner), and the elders will give the juniors red packet as a Spring Festival gift. Theoretically, everybody loves the happy ambiance.

But I don’t like this very much. Maybe it’s a waekness in my personality. I don’t like to get in touch with my relatives. I don’t know exactly what the reason is, but I do know the condition since I was a child. But it’s an important tradition, I still have to follow it. Maybe I need to change my mind a little, face this with a more positive attitude, and then I can accept this in a happier mood.

Hope everyone have a good chinese new year, get healthier than before, and every thing can be all right.


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