The Piggy Died

I felt tired and slept all the evening. At about 12:00 pm, horawan called me and told me about the bad news, “Our piggy had died.” I didn’t realize what’s happened immediately. Maybe because I was not fully awake at that time. But suddenly, I was startled from sleep, and put on my clothes, setting off to the laboratory.

As I arrived, horawan, wing, and hearter was there. Horawan and wing moved the piggy to another cage when they’d like to inject the antibiotics earlier. I saw there were 2 pigs lied on it. Its eyes opened half and there was no respiration. It took us a lot of work to move the other 2 pigs away from it, and then we picked it up and put in a big plastic bag. Finally, we signed the date and the team number, and then put it in the icehouse.

While doing this, the 1812 Overture sounded in my mind. The piggy was too weak after the second operation. Its weight fell down from 15kg to 11kg, and during this days, it nearly didn’t eat any feed, and just drank a little water. Three days before, we were afraid of its weakness and injected about 700ml glucose water into it. Maybe the procedure precipitated its death?

I felt sad. Maybe because I’m the main operator of the second operation, and in these days, I took care of it with my heart. Hope it’ll rest in peace in the heaven.

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