Start Watching "The White Tower"

Thanks Alcoholic for lending me the DVD.

Although I got this nearly a month ago, I still couldn’t get interest in watching it on weekdays. But after the Keroro episodes had been all watched, I have to switch to this more valuable TV drama, The White Tower.

The story is about a university hospital and the intrigue between several doctors. One of the leading actor, Goro Zaizen (ja), who is a young surgery, sly and he always does things unscrupulously to reach his goals. Another leading actor, Shuji Satomi (ja), who is a physician, has ideals about the relationship between the doctors and the patients. He is a good man, but seems not match to the environment. (Huuu…. It’s so hard for me to describe someone in English… >_<)

Sometimes there are scenes of operation rooms. Maybe because I’m a medical student, I felt it goes into my mind so deeply, especially after the experimental surgery courses (zh-TW) last month. I’ve just watched two episodes. Maybe during the period I watch through all 21 episodes, I’ll be moved by some stories of the drama.

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