PCMan’s Speech @ Corridor Cafe NTU

PCMan is my classmate, who wrote some famous programs including PCMan, a BBS client, IE Tab etc. He is making a speech about GTK+ programming at Corridor Cafe NTU now. The sponsor is TOSSUG. They hold conferences every 3 weeks, and this week is PCMan’s turn.

He introduces what GTK+ is and an associated IDE program called Glade. Also he makes a demo of how to use Glade to establish a GTK+-based window program. Huu… I’m always confused in window programming. The reason I come here is in the first sentence, “PCMan is my classmate.” But maybe I underestimate the charm PCMan has. There are now about 50-60 people here listening to him. Wow! I think he can run in the election of legislators in the future. :p

Hmmm… he records video of the speech. Maybe someday I can put a link here. But he speaks Chinese only… :p

2005.12.16 UPDATE: The video is here (avi, 260MB), the presentation file is here (pdf, 295KB), and the demo codes is here (tar.gz, 109KB).

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