Intern Training in Kaohsiung VGH

Tonight, we had a instruction meeting about the difference of intern training between three veteran general hospitals. When I was younger, I preferred VGHTPE than the others, but after seeing Kilo‘s intern training in VGHTPE this year, I may changed my mind.

VGHTPE is a good teaching hospital, having good teachers and the environment is more familiar for us. But the biggest problem is, you may be abused, doing something trifling, and then you’ll have no time to attend any teaching course.

After the meeting, I like VGHKS most. I don’t dislike VGHTC, but I think it’s too near to my home. :p And compare Taichung with Kaohsiung, Taichung is more familiar for me and I like to experience a more different life, especially after living in Taipei for more than 5 years.

But the chief consideration for me is where Kilo will work. She won’t apply any hospital in Kaohsiung. The farthest place from Taipei she can accept is Changhua, the Changhua Christian Hospital. If I choose VGHKS. It almostly can be said that we’ll be separated for more than one year. I don’t know what will happen if I do so.

There are still several months that I can think about this. I don’t know which is my final decision. (Maybe I’ll be unlucky that I have no choice!!!) But as time goes by, the problem will be bigger and bigger in my mind.

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