Sorrow For Myself

Three days ago, I held a vote on a medical ethical problem. The result came out today, but there were only 6 people joining. Although the result is positive, indicative for me to resolve something confusing me for a long time, I still feel sorrow. I think that there are many people browsing through my personal board, maybe or maybe not notice the vote information. Finally, there are only 6 to be willing to give me a suggestion. Could it be said that I have almostly few or no friends? Why don’t they give me a hand when I’m in trouble?

Maybe I have to examinate myself. Is the question too obscure that others don’t know what I mean? But that’s all I can tell. I tried to make a more resemble condition. Do I depend on computer too much? Should I ask them the question directly instead of holding a vote, especially on a personal board?

Just now, I ever thought about abandoning the board, even the whole BBS service. But it is an impetuous idea. I won’t do that at all. But this event impacted me much. Maybe I’ll get insomnia this night.

P.S. I won’t translate this into Chinese. It may keep my real feeling more secret.

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