My New Medical Tools

我的第一支聽診器 買聽診器送的贈品

I bought my first stethoscope this semester. In fact, many of my classmates bought theirs 1 year ago, because of the clerk course in VGHTPE in our fourth year of medical education. But I didn’t buy at that time, because I thought a stethoscope almostly won’t be used the whole year until we become a full-time clerk in the sixth year. Originally, I planned to buy it one more year later, but suddenly I found that it’ll be too late if I’d like to buy one with my school brother. Anyway, I bought it now, also did my roommate.

It is Littmann Classic II S.E. made by 3M. It cost me NTD $1,950 and there are a penlight and a hammer for bonus. Although I already had a penlight from propa while in Chi-Mei in July, this one looks more delicate. :)

Hope I can learn the skill of using all these tools to help patients.

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