Buying SkypeOut Via Paypal For First Time

Last night, I came back from my around-island travel, and my mobile phone got broken while in the trip because of typhoon. It’s very inconvenient for me to call someone or recieve a phone call. Although it made me not bothered by some little things, I needed to pay more on the telephone cards. As I came back to my dorm, I decided to buy some SkypeOut to save my money.

In July, there were several Free SkypeOut Days, and I tried to use them several times. The quality of communication is good enough for me. (Better then MSN Messenger talking). And the most important is the global rate of SkypeOut in Taiwan is cheaper then cross-county phone call. (But still more expensive then mobile phone call. >_< ).

After login to their web page, I needed to comfirm some of my personal information. Then, I chose Paypal as the way buying SkypeOut. It’s also the first time I use Paypal. They are very effective to deal with my order, and in about 30 minutes, I could start to use.

Of course, the first phone call was to Kilo, and last night I called my home and my brother, too. Totally, I spent about 2 Euro. Oh… if I will spend 10 Euro (about 400 NTD) in about one week, it
won’t save me money!

Hope I get my new mobile phone quickly.

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