Fight For My Typhoon Lunch

Originally, I planned to go to Chi-Mei Hospital for intern course on Monday morning, but in order to get avoid of the Typhoon Haitang, I arrived in Tainan and went to my brother’s dorm in NCKU yesterday afternoon. Beyond my expectations, the typhoone came very quickly, and in the night, the government announced that no work and no school on Monday.

This morning when I was waken up by my Mom’s call, the storm was going on outside. I gave up the desire for breakfast and just bought a cup of drink via the vending machine. In the morning, I surfed around the internet, read the plenty unread bloglines articles, and wrote the diary about NTU Concert Tour.

At about noon, I couldn’t put up with hungry, and woke my brother asking him about the plan of lunch. I decided to go out to buy 3 lunch boxes back. (The third one is for my brother’s roommate.)

I wore my blue raincoat and took up my umbrella. It really rained cats and dogs outside, and furthermore the wind was so strong that I need to hold my umbrella so tightly for fear of it’s blowing off. Fortunately, some stores and restaurants in the Yu-Le Street were still opened, and I successfully bought 3 lunch boxes.

It is a impressive experience to go out in typhoon day. May the typhoon leave Taiwan quickly, I don’t want to go out for my dinner on such bad weather again later.

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