The 4th Grade Is Over

Beginning with Hematology, and then Surgery Introduction, Pharmacology, and finally ended on Infection exams, the 4th grade of my medical education is over. (Although there is GOSCE, Group Objective Structure Clinical Examination, on Saturday waiting for me. But it just like a Role-Playing Game. So, forget it. :p)

After the series of exams, I must be tired out. This afternoon I slept for about 3 hours. (Therefore, I can’t get asleep now. =.=) I gradually can imagine the life of my 5th grade, a lot of exams within 2 months.

But I got hesitated of my life after the final exams. Before that, all I had to do all the day is to read and read, study and study. Now, I even don’t know what I should do. I’d like to write something, but I can’t start. There is no words in my mind. I’d like to modify my programs or my web sites, but I have no idea. Is this a symptom of “Exam Syndrome?”

O.K., maybe the symptom will remit after GOSCE finishes.

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